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Why did TRSA switch to a program portal?

As TRSA has grown, we have worked to better understand both the programs we offer and the attendance at them. This portal will allow us to better serve the community as we better understand our impact across the years.

Who should create an account?

Anyone who would like to either attend or volunteer at STEM programs, or partners who would like to advertise their STEM programs.

Do I have to have an account? Why?

Currently, to register to attend TRSA programs, yes. An account will allow you to sign up to attend events. With your account, you can keep track all of the events and programs you've attended. If your with a partner organization, an account can allow you to list your organizations events or track events your organization has signed up to volunteer.

What are you doing with my account information?

TRSA works really hard to offer STEM opportunities to all students. In that effort, we are constantly evaluating who our audience is and how we can increase our accessability to those who need it. Accounts give us a holistic understanding across all of our programs longitudinally. Your account information is only viewable by TRSA staff and stored on a secure server.

Account creation: Your categories of account don't fit my circumstance!

Please register to the best of your ability and then send us an email at to explain what didn't fit and we'll do our best to remedy the situation.

Account creation: My company/district/school wasn't listed.

Please choose "Other"/"Other District"/"Other School" as appropriate and type in your company/district/school in the line provided.

Account creation: What if I fall under multiple account types?

Choose the one that fits the majority of the time. Accounts can be educators, partners, parents, and volunteers all in one.

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